2d. The Golden Circle - Laugarvatn

Laugarvatn is a small lake about 30 minutes from Þingvallavatn, crossing a heath called 'Lyngdalsheiði'. This road is not with asphalt but all usual cars can drive it during summer. Just remember to keep right, espesially in the turns. On the way you can stop and take a look at old caves close to the road.
At Laugarvatn there is a lot of hot water in the ground used for natural steambath close to the lake. Because of the hot water, the lake is not icecold and many people like to get warm in the steam bath and run into the water right after.
It is also possible to hire boats or sailboards to use at lake Laugarvatn and the area is great for hiking. Just outside Laugarvatn there is a golf course and possibilites for angling in waters and rivers.